No mom transitioning back to the workplace ever has to do it alone.

I’m an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist, Career Strategist, and certified Life Coach. I help moms find clarity, confidence and a job that fits their lifestyle. 


No mom transitioning back to the workplace ever has to do it alone.

Going back to work after a hiatus isn't easy. 
I know this from personal experience.

After 10+ years of staying at home with my kids, I felt the pull to get a “real” job – one that came with a paycheck. This realization came with doubt and overwhelm. What kind of work should I do? Are my skills still relevant? What about the gap in my resume?

With help, I was able to find a job I loved.

First, I needed to transform any doubts into certainty. In the process, I learned how to consider my career gap from a new perspective. I leveraged my skills as an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist to identify the skills and abilities gained during my time away from the workplace. 

I could then bolster my resume to fit my potential job’s requirements. My employee recruitment and job analysis experience made it simple to design an interview strategy.

It occurred to me that other moms need support and an intelligent process to find work they love. I honed new skills as a certified life coach and founded CareerSequel to help moms like you bridge their career gaps and land flexible, meaningful work. 

Now it's YOUR turn.

This is where you redefine yourself.

Are you ready to begin your career sequel?


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