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No mom transitioning back to the workplace ever has to do it alone.


No mom transitioning back to the workplace ever has to do it alone.

Your kids are getting older. They don’t need your attention the way they once did.

You can feel your focus shift back to yourself…and you know it’s time to delve into something meaningful that’s just for you.

But you’ve been out of the workforce for years. Today’s job search landscape feels like alien terrain and nagging doubts are stopping you from taking solid steps forward. Is there a career that will suit your skills and life?

I know what you’re going through.

When I became a mom, I stopped working to focus exclusively on my family. Shuttling my kids to their activities, cheering them on at sporting events and working tirelessly for their school was my job.

I treasured that time… yet something was missing.

I no longer felt interesting at dinner parties. My advanced degree wasn’t being put to use. I felt the pull to return to work. But I didn’t know how.

With help, I was able to find a job I loved. First, I needed to transform my doubts into certainty. In the process, I learned how to consider my career gap from a new perspective. I leveraged my skills as an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist to identify the skills and abilities gained during my time away from the workplace.

It was easy then to bolster my resume to fit my potential job’s requirements. And I designed an interview strategy based upon a breakdown of the job position.

It dawned on me that other moms need support and an intelligent process to find work they love. I honed new skills as a Certified Life Coach and founded CareerSequel to help moms like you bridge your career gap and land flexible, meaningful work.

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When I’m not coaching moms, I’m with my husband, two teenagers, and pets (both fuzzy and scaly) appreciating the expansive midwestern sky from our Ohio home. I love morning runs, evening movies with a jumbo bag of popcorn, scuba diving and visiting friends at my former stomping grounds in Washington, DC.

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