61: The Career Paths Not Taken (with my mentor, Dr. Saul Kassin)

Today’s episode is all about the career paths not taken, the decisions you make that steer you from one path to another – and how it all seems to work out.

I’m honored to have my mentor, social psychologist Dr. Saul Kassin, join me on the podcast. Dr. Kassin is a Massachusetts Professor Emeritus at Williams College, a distinguished professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and the pioneer of the scientific study of false confessions. He’s also the reason I became a psychologist.

Dr. Kassin and I discuss:

* The seemingly accidental decisions that take us one direction or another

* The importance of a supportive mentor

* The value of a non-linear career path

We also discuss his bombshell book, “Duped: Why Innocent People Confess and Why We Believe their Confessions” and his upcoming talks in Williamstown, Massachusetts.

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