44: “BEST OF” SERIES (Part III) – How to Change Your Life with LinkedIn

Welcome to Part III of my “BEST OF” SERIES! For three weeks in a row I’m bringing back the most downloaded, shared and foundational podcast episodes. I hand-picked each one just for you. They’re episodes that are packed with so much value, you’re going to want to listen to them over and over again (you may even want to get out a notepad!). 

Today is the grand finale of my BEST OF Series. It’s the episode that is going to help you take your professional persona to the next level. I’m talking about Episode 6: How to Change Your Life with LinkedIn. If you’re not on LinkedIn – I’m actually excited for you because this episode will be key in introducing you to the next phase of your professional development. If you’re on LinkedIn, this episode gives you strategies to take what you’re doing to the next level. 

Sit back and enjoy!

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