37: Do You Have Imposter Syndrome?

Imposter syndrome is the feeling that we haven’t earned our accomplishments or that our ideas and skills aren’t worthy of other’s attention. It comes with an unwarranted sense of insecurity and the feeling that you’re a fraud when – and here’s the key: when all evidence points to the opposite. 

Imposter syndrome can keep us from growing, learning, achieving; it can keep us from living our life and enjoying our accomplishments. It affects our careers and so much more.

The problem with imposter syndrome is so often we don’t know that we have it. We just think that the limiting thoughts we believe about ourselves are true.

This episode is going to shed light on imposter syndrome: What it is, how you get it, what happens when you have it. I share 6 steps to breaking away from imposter syndrome so you can stop doubting your strengths, skills, and accomplishments and step into your career potential.

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