30: Why You’re Doubting Yourself

This episode is all about something that flares up at nearly every phase of the job search process: Doubt. 

If you’ve taken a career break and are thinking of going back to work, doubt can stop you in your tracks. You wonder, “How am I going to go back to work?” “Who’s going to hire me?” “What do I have to offer?”

The same is true if you want to leave your job for something new: “Is this the right time to change my job?” “Is it smart to do something different?” “What if it doesn’t work out?”

You want your doubts to go away, so I’m going to help you do just that. First, you must understand them. Once you know WHY you’re doubting yourself, you can face them head-on and watch them crumble.

In this episode I discuss 4 reasons you’re doubting yourself. You’ll learn where the doubt comes from, why it‘s there and how to kiss it good-bye.

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