22: When You’re Meant for Something More

This episode is all about the inner voice that keeps telling you you’re meant for something more. It begins as a whisper, but grows louder and more persistent. 

Your voice may be saying things like:

“People are only seeing one side of me.”

“I have so much more to give.”

“I need to use a different part of my brain.”

“I’m not fulfilling my potential.”

It can be difficult to know what to do when you hear that voice. You’re not sure if you should listen to it and actually make a change. You worry what will happen if you decide to pursue something “more” and wonder how it will impact others around you. Doubts creep up as to whether it’s too late to pursue other ambitions.

In this episode I share the 5 Steps to take when you realize that you’re meant for something more. You can decide to do something to change the trajectory of your life while appreciating – not resenting – where you are right now. 

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